Regain provides sustainable advantages for the aluminum and cement industries as well as the environment, via the safe and economic transformation of smelter waste materials.

Due to hazards in residual waste materials such as spent potliner (SPL), primary aluminum smelters have historically faced problems. In its raw form, SPL contains toxic levels of cyanide and releases dangerous gases when exposed to moisture. While some of this material has gone to landfill, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain the regulatory approvals for this practice. 

In addition, manufacturers in energy-intensive industries, such as aluminumand cement, are faced with expectations to improve business performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Regain generates value for these industries by following the principles of Industrial Ecology.

By eliminating the cyanide and dangerous gas hazards, leaving no residual material in the process, Regain gives aluminum smelters a safe, sustainable and secure solution for SPL. 

Regain provides cement manufacturers with high quality products and technical support that delivers significant benefits in production, energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction. 

At the same time, Regain benefits both the community and the environment, by eliminating large quantities of hazardous wastes from going to landfill, reducing industrial pollution and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.